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Fish Organization By Stanley Hlordzi

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Stanley Fish:)
What if songs didn't have an organization? Imagine if Black Beetles by rae sremmurd was backwards. Just as an organization is important in music, it's the same when it comes to writing.

Stanley Fish, writer of the article "What Should College Teach, Part 3", Fish opinion on teaching  our high school education teachers prepared us for college level writing.

Professor Fish wasn't any regular teacher he was talented with writing and teaching skills. He taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago and also has so many awards backing him up.

One main thing he stated about writing a good paper was organization. organizing meaning collecting ideas and grouping them to your paper.

Organizing your paper makes it easier to build your paper because when you collect idea's from sources it gives you a lot of information about your topic already. Gathering your thoughts helps you build your paper.

Organization is the structure or plan of related or linked things. When you sort out a paper, you select a request for the parts that bode well and demonstrates the person reading it how the thoughts are Connected.
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Being organized is being in control.
Agreeing with Fish's knowledge, organization being an important way to successful college-level writing. I believe we can all say among our self when your well organized things come to you easy.

Let's say you prepare your lunch a night before you go to school, you would have more time or more sleep than you would if your lunch wasn't packed.

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Fish describes the reason why sentences are one of the most important part of college writing by describing sentences. He said that "sentences are 1. organization of items in the world."

Imagine if the world we live in had everything we involve ourselves with was perfect.

Wouldn't everything be so much easier for us?

Fish shares his knowledge by listing out random words and then explain what the did. One of his exercise he makes his student partake in is turning three word sentences into hundred words sentences.

Being organized is the key, I noticed this when I had to do a college paper. I gathered data that I needed for my essay, by doing this it made the assignment way easier because I knew a lot about the topic.

If you're finding it difficult to stay organized, try offering yourself a reward. For instance, if you complete four things on your to-do list, reward yourself with a cup of coffee, or with 10 minutes of free time to surf the web. 

Research is always significant when writing any sort of paper. Credibility leads to success in college level writing. Not having any research is something we should never want to come across.

These two will lead to solid results because you have an idea of the topic.
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Stops Procrastination.

I did a research, this research included surveys with college students, teachers, tutorial observation, interview with tutors.

My purpose of researching was find out about how to conduct good college-level writing. It relates to organization  because researching involves gathering information to write your paper.

Gathering information's is one good step that can lead to successful papers. Just like I did for my research, I gathered information from different sources and organized it into one piece of work.

I looked into other people research they've done to build up ideas of the same topic and use it for my essay. Going around looking for answers actually helped develop few sentences.

Senior year in high school was horrible because I always wait last minute to turn in my assignment. I never took time to write my essay now that I look back at the past.

Most Students wait till last minute to do their assignment. This brings up organization because you won't lack turning in your stuff on time. Procrastination is the death of you in college, you always have to be organized and ready for all the pages ahead.

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