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                          Using critical thinking on research papers.
  In the Article about What Should Colleges Teach? Part 3  
like a puzzle that needs to be put together.
he argues about the importance of what college and university should teach in college-level writing is when writing a good sentence :(1) A sentence is an organization of items in the world. (2) A sentence is a structure of logical relationships and he asked three questions in the beginning of the article and this is what he said 1)” Isn’t the mastery of forms something that should be taught in high school or earlier? (2) Isn’t extensive reading the key to learning how to write? (3) What would a composition course based on the method I urge look like?
 The most important of college-level Writing is not sentence structuring but rather critical thinking. In the six data gathering assignment like the teacher interview, peer review/observation I did with Aubrey(tutor) and Zach(student), Annotated bibliography, survey, and the extended definition which was assigned by prof Derek, upon that, I come up with a conclusion that critical thinking is important in college writing when doing a research paper. Critical thinking seems to be very important and can be seen in these articles as an underlying or direct message. Instructors are shown as not being completely perfect when it comes to the instruction of the college writing in some cases.
elements of babies thinking
                 I will agree with Fish on the point he made a point about the “isn’t mastery of forms something that should be taught in high school or earlier. What he meant was that the “mastery forms” can help develop critical thinking skills, where one can evaluate, and gather information from one another assumptions.  Fish made another point by giving evidence of high school student not been taught well in their writing skills and sometimes when they transition into secondary school, they fail and it is “the responsibilities of college teacher to make up that deficit". the focus should be on, helping the students have a good foundation for all future writing.    Almost every course requires one at some point critical thinking. In this article by Fish, he shows that students have their own difficulties in their writing.
       I will agree on the response Fish gave about “doing a lot of reading and hoping that by passing your eyes over many pages you will learn how to write through osmosis? I’m not so sure. If too wide reading were added daily dinner-table discussions of the sophistication and wit found in many 18th and 19th century novels, I might be more sanguine. And if your experience with words were also to include training in public speaking and debate”. The most importance aspect in critical thinking is the audience. The common ways to grab the attention of your audience is by using the quote, anecdote, or rhetorical question when writing. This will give your audience a new perspective on what you are talking about.using the audience response in developing critical thinking .In the teacher interview, Mrs. Karen who is an English professor at the bowling green university gave her own opinion about using the audience in critical thinking skills when doing college writing. This is the point she made. “Audience awareness is the single biggest key to success in writing -- for anybody, and not just composition students. Students master writing when they master audience, and that means a careful consideration of what they are likely to know, believes, and value. This influences considerations like source selection and rhetorical strategies and every part of writing. A writer should critically analyze the audience, then consider every aspect of writing regarding that analysis?”
               I will disagree with him on the statement he said about “A sentence is an organization of the world.” In critical thinking, the first step is to evaluate. One must evaluate on the skills of logical ideas/claims by using skills acquired in disciplines, they can craft well-rounded analytical papers in the process of validation. Students/writers also realize that there are no "rules to worry about, such as style, grammar, specific organization, etc.

In conclusion, I will say critical thinking can help students think with the awareness in ttheir mind to develop a good sentence .when writing.

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Image result for gif school of rockI found someone that has similar issues as me with English teachers not teaching their kids important mastery of forms before college writing. This is a problem because English teacher's are sending their students to college without the proper material and information they need to succeed in college writing. Stanley E. Fish the writer of the article "What should colleges teach? Part 3”, argues that understanding how to structure and form sentences should be taught in college to help students become better college writers and help them further their career in writing if it is the major they chose to go in.

I somewhat agree with fish, I agree that there needs to be a change with English teacher's curriculums to help improve the writing of their students, but for this to happen the State Education Board should be notified. I agree that it is important that English teachers teach their kids how to create a well written sentence before the transfer from high school to college but on the other hand I believe that learning to craft a well written thesis statement is important as well and if not more important because it highlights the argument of your paper, tying everything together. The thesis is a very important aspect to college writing because it shows the writers opinion, shows the reader a preview of the topic, and shows the reader the chronological order of the paper. 

To back up my claim that the thesis statement is the most important part of college writing, I interviewed Professor Lee, “a high school English teacher in Oak Park, Illinois.”  He was an adjunct teacher at Columbia College Chicago for ten years, but overall has been teaching English for 21 years. I first asked him what he thought one of the most important aspects to consider when writing at the college level. 

He gave me three different things to consider, however, the first aspect was the one that stood out to me. He said that voice was the first aspect to consider. He says, “[you] have to develop your own voice”. A thesis statement is really your own voice; it is your opinion about a topic. When you make a thesis statement you are using your own voice to get across a point.
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Whata beautiful voice

You then back up your point with other people’s points; you are using other people’s voice to back up your voice. I then specifically asked Professor Lee how important constructing a well written thesis is in college writing. He said it is very important and “[the] entire essay is dependent on a clear and focused thesis”. If the thesis is weak then the whole paper is going to be weak; the paper needs to start off strong with a strong thesis. Professor Lee also made a great analogy, which helped me understand how important a well-written thesis actually is. He said creating strong thesis is “the same way a house is dependent on a good foundation” .

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College writing is very challenging its self and if you don’t learn the important basics to writing while you’re in high school and middle school, then students will have an extremely difficult time transferring to college writing. Only after coming to college did I realize that the thesis is what I should have been spending all my time on. My first paper I wrote in college I still thought that the introduction was as important as the thesis.

My professor said it was a suitable paper, but that my thesis needed work and she told me it was very important to the paper. My professor told me in the thesis you state your claim and tells the reader what points you’re going to go over. Also, the readers need to know what they’re going to expect in the paper or they would be confused. A thesis also needs to have tension and when I looked back at my thesis, it was not only not appealing, it also had no tension whatsoever.

Furthermore fish and I both believe that there is a problem with teachers not properly preparing their students for college writing. There needs to be a change and the start is for teachers to teach their students how to understand the structure of forming sentences, and the major solution is for teachers to teach their students how to craft a well written thesis.

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Envision Fishing.

Stanley E. Fish the writer of the article "What Should Colleges Teach? Part3", is a well-known English professor. He explains that in lower levels of educations teaching basic skills for example structure and grammar are not taught well to students. In his article, he enlightens his readers that one of the most important things to teach in college –level courses is how to write proper sentences. Mr. Fish quotes “Basically, there is only one thing to be learned, that a sentence is a structure of logical
relationships; everything else follows.” He believes that it should be a narrowly focused class whose sole purpose is to teach how to create proper sentences.

During my research process, I have conducted a survey, tutorial observations/interview of a tutor working at The Ohio State University Newark Campus Writers Studio , among other research. I agree with Stanley Fish’s claim however, I consider the process of pre-writing as another great tool to use before crafting essays and papers as young writers.

Pre-Writing  is the process that includes such activities as brainstorming, organizing, and conducting preliminary research. Pre-writing is primarily the first piece of knowledge you should know and use in writing. Pre-writing encourages the writer to do well on the first draft by taking part of this process which includes different strategies towards success.

To begin with, brainstorming is a wonderful device to implement when a writing task is given to you as a college student. This will encourage ideas to come, rather being conflicted with a situation where you cannot find what to include in your writing. Communicating with others and orally expressing your thoughts prior to actually writing will benefit you.

After brainstorming, the next action that should be taken is to organize your writing. Organization is vital to a great paper because it helps you structure your paper accordingly and helps you gain smooth transitions of ideas throughout paragraphs. Clustering and Outlining are two methods that will strengthen the planning session of your writing. Using techniques such as generating lists and mapping the structure of your writing should be done during the pre-writing process.
Lastly, conducting preliminary research before starting the process of writing is a great way to begin college level writing. Exploring thoughts while analyzing sources can be conducted, to possibly use in your writing should be done prior to writing process. By surfing the Web and using academic books that are about your topic are sources you can use in your writing. Evaluating different paths you can take your research to create well written writing can be accomplished by students who use pre-writing.

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Unfortunately, students over look this process , but understanding that writing takes time to progress is a way to avoid getting stuck or frustrated. The whole duration of this English 1109 course was preparation for the analytical research essay assigned to students including myself. Writing is something we all take part in, so knowing the appropriate aspects of it is critical for writers to learn before entering the advanced level of writing in college.

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Academic Assistance

         Stanley E. Fish, the author of articles “What Should College Teach, Part 3,” asked three question. (1) “Isn’t the master of forms something we should learn before college?” (2) “Isn’t extensive reading the key to writing?” (3) “What would a composition course based on the method I urge look like?” He mainly focuses on number three question in this articles. He simply stated that sentence structure is the most important aspect of college writing. He explains his answer in two parts (1) A sentence is an organization of items in the world and (2) A sentences is a structure of logical. Fish argues that high school teacher should teach student sentence structure which will help them in the college to get a better piece of writing.
         I did several data gathering assignment, the first one was Survey. In this survey, I bought up the question “what is most important in college writing?” I sent my survey to 13 college students and about nine students answer with the response of seeking academic assistance and another primary source I used was a tutorial observation. In this observation, I observed Mr. Darien Maule a student at the Ohio State university at Newark and miss Katie Waters, a tutor at the writers studio at the university. After doing some research about an important aspect of college writing, I realize that “Academic Assistance” is the most important in college writing. My data gathering assignment research was From Survey with other students at The Ohio State University both Newark and Columbus campuses, A tutor observation with
peer consultant and a

student, the interview with peer consultant, extended definition of “Academic Assistance”, an annotated bibliography, an interview through email with Dr. David Arenas, who has obtained a doctorate from a joint program in religion, tutoring ESL students and ESL teacher to elementary students in the Philippines. When I was doing an interview with Dr. David Arenas, his acknowledgment was briefly explained with examples that help me to learn and understand it’s importance in the college writing.
         Fish obtain a good point in his article saying that structure sentences are the important aspect of college writing and I agree with his point, but I think he could add little more information about where to asked for assistance if sentences are in structure or not. In my personal view, I think the students should be aware of where they can get free assistance in their writing in college because the student

the perspective they think they made their sentences in good structure but in some cases, it's better to get assistance which will help you to learn what we need to in college writing. Getting academic assistance from either a Teacher or The Writing Center. The Writing center is the place where the student gets free assistance on their papers, project, multimodal document, web pages, or more from consultants. Which will help to get better sentences structure, which will help a reader to understand your claim clearly without having any difficulty, in other words, academic assistance is learning process which will help you to improve your writing, reading, and understanding skill. Also, getting feedback from a teacher will help students to improve more in writing, and it will become a more painless process for them.

         Fish makes a great argument saying that sentence structure is the most important but based on my research I have found academic assistance is a much more important aspect of college writing. I have learned that college and high school teacher should suggest seeking academic assistance in their writing which will help students to get a better result for whatever assignment they are doing. As a first semester college student at Ohio State university at Newark, I believe that academic assistance will help achieve their goal not only in the first year but it will cover for the whole college career.

Creating Strong Words and Structured Pieces of Writing: What Students Should Look For

In college and school in general we are faced with expectations with what the academic community wants in assignments and writing abilities. In Stanley E. Fish's "What Should Colleges Teach? Part 3" he remarks by saying "What is a sentence anyway?" He goes on by answering in his own words that "a sentence is an organization of items in the world" and that "A sentence is a structure of logical relationships" Stanley Fish makes opinions of his own on how tools a being left away from teaching and that there are many ways to create stronger academic assignments and writings.

I agree with Fish when he gives his points that a sentence should present logical appeals and that organization is a very high power tool. Having a structured set of words that flow together is very good for the readers eyes and think it plays a part when a reader try's to find the concept of what they are reading. I find that the most important aspect of college writing is the introduction of a written statement and Fish's remarks make me want agree that good structured set of words and added credibility can create strong information for academic assignments. I conducted searches of my own to figure out if introductions were as important as I thought it was and came up with knowledgeable evidence. I found that Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab of Purdue University conduct many ways on how students can approach writing an introduction with more tools and ways to make it more credible. I found that introduction should involve a hook of some sort to grab the reader with eye opening statements and while also adding real incite information. Also while adding bridge statements like a " they say, I say" which can give arguments to a piece of writing while concluding off with a thesis statement. This makes the agreement with Fish and I that structuring in a sentence or sentences is important and should be taught in college writing. I also created a survey asking "what is the first thing you start off with when given a written assignment?" And man gave the answer that introductions are the first part they start off with. 

In some cases I don’t entirely agree with Stanley E. Fish as he goes own to claim that colleges and high schools are not teaching important information to students about how to write better but I did find where Fish was creating a logical statement on certain areas where students and teachers could perform better. He concluded his writing by saying "I used to send my students into the class taught by Cathy Birkenstein and Gerald Graff, whose excellent book “They Say / I Say” introduces students to the forms of argument in a spirit entirely compatible with my focus on the forms of sentences." As a first semester college student at The Ohio State University of Newark I have read this particular reading and believe all students should find ways to learn better areas to write better. In conclusion I think college and school instructors should stress the aspect of college writing and teach ways on how to execute a paper more advanced and I also believe an introduction should not be undermined. 

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Sentences are important: But do you really understand the assignment

Stanley E. Fish the writer of the article "What should colleges teach?, Part 3" , argues that understanding how to structure and forming sentences should be taught in college to help students become better college writers. I do agree that sentences and forming them should be taught and is very important for college writing, but understanding the assignment prompt is also important, if not more. 

Even Spongebob has difficulties with writing essays.
College writing can be a difficult concept to learn for some college students, especially freshman. Coming from high school it can be challenging transition from high school expectations of writing to college expectations. Colleges should teach students how to carefully read and understand the assignment prompt. They should show and emphasize the importance of this practice so they can have a full understanding of the teacher's expectations. This is very important in successful college writing because it can help students structure the ideas for the assignment. In doing this, it also will help create and structure the sentences needed  for the assignment. It will give the student time to focus more on the actual assignment and organizing their thoughts of what is expected and what needs to be done. 

Colleges should teach students how to carefully read and understand the assignment prompt, because it will also help students better understand their professor's language. This is very important for college freshman because coming from high school the teacher's expectations and language can be very different than college professors'. They tend to assume what the assignment means or what it is asking, which can lead them astray from what is actually meant. They cannot understand the professors language and expectations, if they do not carefully read and understand the assignment prompt.

Yes, Sentence structure is important, but....
Stanley E. Fish does make good points on why creating good sentences is important to college level-writing. It is easier to read and draws the reader in, it gives the the audience vivid descriptions of what they are reading. It can create tense and mood for the reader also.With that being said, Fish's argument on why teaching students how to create well crafted sentences should be taught in college is indeed an important step for college writing. Although, having well crafted and organized sentences makes it easier for professor to read and understand, it is not the only important step for college level-writing. Students have to have an understanding of what the assignment is asking, and this can only be done by carefully reading the assignment prompt. Knowing what is needs to done, understand the teacher's expectations and their language. This is what will help students become better writers in college and that is why it should be taught in college.
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Cash Fish Outside, How Boh Dah

Stanley E. Fish wrote an article in the New York Times about what should colleges teach. In this article, he discusses the importance of sentence structure and how it is the most important aspect of college writing. He talks about how these writing skills aren't stressed enough in high school English courses. He discusses three questions which are; (1) “Isn’t the mastery of forms something that should be taught in high school or earlier?” (2) “Isn’t extensive reading the key to learning how to write?” (3) “What would a composition course based on the method I urge look like?”. He answers the first two questions briefly but believes that the last question can go more in depth. Stanley believes that organization of sentence structure is the most important aspect of writing. He asks, “what is a sentence anyway?” and answers with two parts, “(1) A sentence is an organization of items in the world.” (2) “A sentence is a structure of logical relationships.”
Darla finding Stanley Fi

Sorry Fish 
I did multiple data-gathering assignments to get me to these results that pre-writing is an important aspect of college writing. First, I did a small survey that had five general questions about writing and had ten of my peers answer the questions. Secondly, I went to do a tutorial observation on Bri with an English 1110.03 student at the Writer’s Studio at The Ohio State University at Newark. Bri helped the student with the pre-writing process of his paper. Third, I had a follow up peer consultant interview with Bri where I had asked five general questions she talked about in the tutorial observation. From these three I had seen the trend of pre-writing to be an important aspect. Then I did more research from books, websites, etc. that had written about pre-writing.

Although Fish discusses mainly on sentence structure and how it is important, I believe that pre-writing is the most important aspect. Pre-writing in college writing will help organize your ideas/thoughts. When you do pre-writing, you have the idea of what you will be writing about. Also, there is a less likely chance you will get off topic on your paper and less repetition will occur. When you start writing, everything will flow into place and anything you want to say will come naturally to you. In the pre-writing process, you could already develop sentences when you get ideas you want to write about. After that you can just focus on the grammar/spelling and sentence structure.
Yes, I do find
With that being said, without any ideas you conduct in the pre-writing process, you can’t construct any sentences. Therefore, pre-writing is necessary before you start writing sentences. Pre-writing is an important aspect to college writing because narrows your focus on your paper.
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After researching your topic and you found what you’re writing about, you need three main topics to make a claim about in your paper. And as the process of pre-writing goes on, you learn what you can and cannot incorporate into your paper. Pre-writing is an important aspect of college writing because it generates ideas for you. The process of pre-writing can be very difficult when it comes to thinking of ideas. You must use many different strategies to think of ideas.

Stanley Fish discusses the importance of sentence structure being the most important aspect of college writing but from my research I have found that Pre-writing is the most important. I do agree that sentence structure is an important aspect, but the pre-writing process does sentence structure for you.