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                          Using critical thinking on research papers.
  In the Article about What Should Colleges Teach? Part 3  
like a puzzle that needs to be put together.
he argues about the importance of what college and university should teach in college-level writing is when writing a good sentence :(1) A sentence is an organization of items in the world. (2) A sentence is a structure of logical relationships and he asked three questions in the beginning of the article and this is what he said 1)” Isn’t the mastery of forms something that should be taught in high school or earlier? (2) Isn’t extensive reading the key to learning how to write? (3) What would a composition course based on the method I urge look like?
 The most important of college-level Writing is not sentence structuring but rather critical thinking. In the six data gathering assignment like the teacher interview, peer review/observation I did with Aubrey(tutor) and Zach(student), Annotated bibliography, survey, and the extended definition which was assigned by prof Derek, upon that, I come up with a conclusion that critical thinking is important in college writing when doing a research paper. Critical thinking seems to be very important and can be seen in these articles as an underlying or direct message. Instructors are shown as not being completely perfect when it comes to the instruction of the college writing in some cases.
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                 I will agree with Fish on the point he made a point about the “isn’t mastery of forms something that should be taught in high school or earlier. What he meant was that the “mastery forms” can help develop critical thinking skills, where one can evaluate, and gather information from one another assumptions.  Fish made another point by giving evidence of high school student not been taught well in their writing skills and sometimes when they transition into secondary school, they fail and it is “the responsibilities of college teacher to make up that deficit". the focus should be on, helping the students have a good foundation for all future writing.    Almost every course requires one at some point critical thinking. In this article by Fish, he shows that students have their own difficulties in their writing.
       I will agree on the response Fish gave about “doing a lot of reading and hoping that by passing your eyes over many pages you will learn how to write through osmosis? I’m not so sure. If too wide reading were added daily dinner-table discussions of the sophistication and wit found in many 18th and 19th century novels, I might be more sanguine. And if your experience with words were also to include training in public speaking and debate”. The most importance aspect in critical thinking is the audience. The common ways to grab the attention of your audience is by using the quote, anecdote, or rhetorical question when writing. This will give your audience a new perspective on what you are talking about.using the audience response in developing critical thinking .In the teacher interview, Mrs. Karen who is an English professor at the bowling green university gave her own opinion about using the audience in critical thinking skills when doing college writing. This is the point she made. “Audience awareness is the single biggest key to success in writing -- for anybody, and not just composition students. Students master writing when they master audience, and that means a careful consideration of what they are likely to know, believes, and value. This influences considerations like source selection and rhetorical strategies and every part of writing. A writer should critically analyze the audience, then consider every aspect of writing regarding that analysis?”
               I will disagree with him on the statement he said about “A sentence is an organization of the world.” In critical thinking, the first step is to evaluate. One must evaluate on the skills of logical ideas/claims by using skills acquired in disciplines, they can craft well-rounded analytical papers in the process of validation. Students/writers also realize that there are no "rules to worry about, such as style, grammar, specific organization, etc.

In conclusion, I will say critical thinking can help students think with the awareness in ttheir mind to develop a good sentence .when writing.

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