Friday, April 21, 2017

Academic Assistance

         Stanley E. Fish, the author of articles “What Should College Teach, Part 3,” asked three question. (1) “Isn’t the master of forms something we should learn before college?” (2) “Isn’t extensive reading the key to writing?” (3) “What would a composition course based on the method I urge look like?” He mainly focuses on number three question in this articles. He simply stated that sentence structure is the most important aspect of college writing. He explains his answer in two parts (1) A sentence is an organization of items in the world and (2) A sentences is a structure of logical. Fish argues that high school teacher should teach student sentence structure which will help them in the college to get a better piece of writing.
         I did several data gathering assignment, the first one was Survey. In this survey, I bought up the question “what is most important in college writing?” I sent my survey to 13 college students and about nine students answer with the response of seeking academic assistance and another primary source I used was a tutorial observation. In this observation, I observed Mr. Darien Maule a student at the Ohio State university at Newark and miss Katie Waters, a tutor at the writers studio at the university. After doing some research about an important aspect of college writing, I realize that “Academic Assistance” is the most important in college writing. My data gathering assignment research was From Survey with other students at The Ohio State University both Newark and Columbus campuses, A tutor observation with
peer consultant and a

student, the interview with peer consultant, extended definition of “Academic Assistance”, an annotated bibliography, an interview through email with Dr. David Arenas, who has obtained a doctorate from a joint program in religion, tutoring ESL students and ESL teacher to elementary students in the Philippines. When I was doing an interview with Dr. David Arenas, his acknowledgment was briefly explained with examples that help me to learn and understand it’s importance in the college writing.
         Fish obtain a good point in his article saying that structure sentences are the important aspect of college writing and I agree with his point, but I think he could add little more information about where to asked for assistance if sentences are in structure or not. In my personal view, I think the students should be aware of where they can get free assistance in their writing in college because the student

the perspective they think they made their sentences in good structure but in some cases, it's better to get assistance which will help you to learn what we need to in college writing. Getting academic assistance from either a Teacher or The Writing Center. The Writing center is the place where the student gets free assistance on their papers, project, multimodal document, web pages, or more from consultants. Which will help to get better sentences structure, which will help a reader to understand your claim clearly without having any difficulty, in other words, academic assistance is learning process which will help you to improve your writing, reading, and understanding skill. Also, getting feedback from a teacher will help students to improve more in writing, and it will become a more painless process for them.

         Fish makes a great argument saying that sentence structure is the most important but based on my research I have found academic assistance is a much more important aspect of college writing. I have learned that college and high school teacher should suggest seeking academic assistance in their writing which will help students to get a better result for whatever assignment they are doing. As a first semester college student at Ohio State university at Newark, I believe that academic assistance will help achieve their goal not only in the first year but it will cover for the whole college career.

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