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Stanley E. Fish wrote an article in the New York Times about what should colleges teach. In this article, he discusses the importance of sentence structure and how it is the most important aspect of college writing. He talks about how these writing skills aren't stressed enough in high school English courses. He discusses three questions which are; (1) “Isn’t the mastery of forms something that should be taught in high school or earlier?” (2) “Isn’t extensive reading the key to learning how to write?” (3) “What would a composition course based on the method I urge look like?”. He answers the first two questions briefly but believes that the last question can go more in depth. Stanley believes that organization of sentence structure is the most important aspect of writing. He asks, “what is a sentence anyway?” and answers with two parts, “(1) A sentence is an organization of items in the world.” (2) “A sentence is a structure of logical relationships.”
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I did multiple data-gathering assignments to get me to these results that pre-writing is an important aspect of college writing. First, I did a small survey that had five general questions about writing and had ten of my peers answer the questions. Secondly, I went to do a tutorial observation on Bri with an English 1110.03 student at the Writer’s Studio at The Ohio State University at Newark. Bri helped the student with the pre-writing process of his paper. Third, I had a follow up peer consultant interview with Bri where I had asked five general questions she talked about in the tutorial observation. From these three I had seen the trend of pre-writing to be an important aspect. Then I did more research from books, websites, etc. that had written about pre-writing.

Although Fish discusses mainly on sentence structure and how it is important, I believe that pre-writing is the most important aspect. Pre-writing in college writing will help organize your ideas/thoughts. When you do pre-writing, you have the idea of what you will be writing about. Also, there is a less likely chance you will get off topic on your paper and less repetition will occur. When you start writing, everything will flow into place and anything you want to say will come naturally to you. In the pre-writing process, you could already develop sentences when you get ideas you want to write about. After that you can just focus on the grammar/spelling and sentence structure.
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With that being said, without any ideas you conduct in the pre-writing process, you can’t construct any sentences. Therefore, pre-writing is necessary before you start writing sentences. Pre-writing is an important aspect to college writing because narrows your focus on your paper.
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After researching your topic and you found what you’re writing about, you need three main topics to make a claim about in your paper. And as the process of pre-writing goes on, you learn what you can and cannot incorporate into your paper. Pre-writing is an important aspect of college writing because it generates ideas for you. The process of pre-writing can be very difficult when it comes to thinking of ideas. You must use many different strategies to think of ideas.

Stanley Fish discusses the importance of sentence structure being the most important aspect of college writing but from my research I have found that Pre-writing is the most important. I do agree that sentence structure is an important aspect, but the pre-writing process does sentence structure for you.

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