Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sentences are important: But do you really understand the assignment

Stanley E. Fish the writer of the article "What should colleges teach?, Part 3" , argues that understanding how to structure and forming sentences should be taught in college to help students become better college writers. I do agree that sentences and forming them should be taught and is very important for college writing, but understanding the assignment prompt is also important, if not more. 

Even Spongebob has difficulties with writing essays.
College writing can be a difficult concept to learn for some college students, especially freshman. Coming from high school it can be challenging transition from high school expectations of writing to college expectations. Colleges should teach students how to carefully read and understand the assignment prompt. They should show and emphasize the importance of this practice so they can have a full understanding of the teacher's expectations. This is very important in successful college writing because it can help students structure the ideas for the assignment. In doing this, it also will help create and structure the sentences needed  for the assignment. It will give the student time to focus more on the actual assignment and organizing their thoughts of what is expected and what needs to be done. 

Colleges should teach students how to carefully read and understand the assignment prompt, because it will also help students better understand their professor's language. This is very important for college freshman because coming from high school the teacher's expectations and language can be very different than college professors'. They tend to assume what the assignment means or what it is asking, which can lead them astray from what is actually meant. They cannot understand the professors language and expectations, if they do not carefully read and understand the assignment prompt.

Yes, Sentence structure is important, but....
Stanley E. Fish does make good points on why creating good sentences is important to college level-writing. It is easier to read and draws the reader in, it gives the the audience vivid descriptions of what they are reading. It can create tense and mood for the reader also.With that being said, Fish's argument on why teaching students how to create well crafted sentences should be taught in college is indeed an important step for college writing. Although, having well crafted and organized sentences makes it easier for professor to read and understand, it is not the only important step for college level-writing. Students have to have an understanding of what the assignment is asking, and this can only be done by carefully reading the assignment prompt. Knowing what is needs to done, understand the teacher's expectations and their language. This is what will help students become better writers in college and that is why it should be taught in college.
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