Thursday, December 15, 2016

Waste of Time

What's the point of high school? Your classmates are annoying, you're held captive for hours, and you're under the total control by the teachers. We can all agree that it is not the most pleasant place to be. It feels like prison most of the time. You're told when to eat, when you can use the rest rooms, and what or what not to wear. It completely sucks! What I find ridiculous is that some students come out of high school not even knowing how to properly write.

Prison Sucks!

 According to Stanley Fishes article  what should colleges teach he points out that he feels that grade schools such as middle and high schools are not properly teaching writing skills if they are teaching them at all. He even states "I cannot see, however, why a failure of secondary education relieves college teachers of a responsibility to make up the deficit. Quite the reverse. It is because our students come to us unable to write clean English sentences that we are obligated to supply what they did not receive from their previous

teachers." This makes it difficult for the student and Stan states that it puts a burden on him as teacher because it makes him obligated to teach the student the proper way. He often teaches them buy having them form simple sentences because just like in anything you try to master it is import to be able to apply fundamentals. I know you are probably wondering like who is this Stanley Fish is and what are his credentials. Stanley Fish is professor who taught at many universities and college institutes such as The University of Illinois at Chicago, he is also a university politician, and won many awards for his writings. So Professor Fish is one smart fish.

Smart Fish

 He also states that reading and comprehending your reading is important when writing a paper. I totally agree and I do not find anything that professor smith is saying difficult to do. I believe what must be taught before you can teach any of these and that is most importance is time management. If you learn how to manage your time that is when everything becomes easy because everything would be well organized. I believe that most of the knowledge a student obtains is outside of the classroom.

Time is Money

Time management should be the first thing taught in college writing is time management. The more time you put into a task the better the outcome would be. Stanley Fish even states "Unfortunately, however, reading is not the favorite pastime of today’s youth and debate societies don’t have the cachet they once did" which is implying that today's youth don't take their time to read and analyze because reading is something they do not like to do.

I understand that most students are busy and don’t have enough time in the day. A good student with great time management gives themselves time to get the most of whatever it is that they are doing. For an example a terrible student would skim through the readings and B.S the writing assignments and their overall quality would be horrific. A great student would take the time to thoroughly read and comprehend the reading which would help their writing because they would be better informed. This was something I observed during a tutorial observation while studying at The Ohio State University.

This was just one of my many studies I have done an Analytical Research Essay on time management to try and help incoming college student the importance of time management.  During my studies Katie Waters  a tutor of mine at The Ohio State University told me “The most important aspect of writing a college paper is producing something at you are proud of, meaning you don't throw it together last minute and hope for the best. You work on it over time and love what you wrote.” In my 113 days of being a college student this is the most beneficial advice that I have received.

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