Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Citing My Man The Fish

In the article What Should Colleges Teach, Part 3 by Stanley Fish Fish talks about what first year college writing classes should teach. Fish also believes that it should be a narrowly focused class which basically focuses on creating proper sentences. I kind of agree that some schools don't prepare students for college writing. Fish said that "High schools and middle schools are not teaching writing skills in an effective way” which I believe to be true about some schools because most schools aren't shown what to do and what steps they should take. 
Fish explaining why knowing how to write a proper sentence is important when writing in college.

Students end up getting hurt in the long run because they go through Middle and High School thinking they know how to write a proper sentence .But when they get to college they are hit with the harsh truth that they do not know how to write a proper sentence and then they have to learn all over again in college. Which causes some students to get behind on their major which keeps them in college longer which also costs more money and may decrease a students will or drive to be in college because it may be to hard for the student. It also causes teachers to have a bigger workload and cause them to teach more which in return can be stressful for both students and teachers. 

do think that Middle School and High School teachers should spend a little more time on teaching students how to write proper sentences. like fish said "You`re not going to be able to change the world if you are not equipped with tolls that speak to its present condition" you won't go far in the world or even college if you don't have the right tools. It is important that as a student you know the correct writing style. 

I also agree that through extensive reading it is the key to learning how to write a proper sentence. But you cant blame the teachers for all of this after all you can lead a horse to water but you can't make the horse drink what I mean by that is teachers can teach in all theses different way but in the end its up to the student to actually learn and pay attention. From my personal experience It was hard learning how to adapt to writing in college it is drastically different from High School writing. In High School we weren't required to write such a detailed intro and conclusion but over the course of this semester I have learned to expand on my topic which was a big problem for me. 
A perfect representation of a teacher (The man) and a student (The Horse). 

All tho knowing how to write a sentence is important there are more important things to know how to do like citing sources is more important than what Fish thinks is important. Fish thinks that sentence structure is the most important thing in college writing. I have to disagree with that for Analytical Research Essay I choose citing sources as the most important thing in college writing the reason why is because if you don't cite your sources you can get in trouble for plagiarism. If you get caught for plagiarism depending on the severity or how much you plagiarize or the amount of plagiarize you get caught for could decide if you get a warning to getting kicked out of a class to being expelled from your college or worse than that being taken to court and probably sued but thats like someone taking a paper from the internet word for word and using it as your own.

Even tho Fish brings up a good point in "What Should Colleges Teach?(Part 3)" yes having a structured sentence is important when writing in college but its not the most important. if you get caught for plagrism chances are you probably won't be in college so knowing how to write a proper sentence and sentence structure wont get you very far I mean it might help when your writing a letter to the school board asking to come back or when your making your statement to the judge.

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