Thursday, April 28, 2016

Reeling in the students

I rcently read an article written by Stanley Fish that is about the educational system. He touches on three main points. (1) isn't the mastery of forms something we should learn before college. (2) Isn't extensive reading the key to writing. (3) what would a composition course based on the method I urge  look like.
He states that the elementary and high school level classes aren't teaching us everything we need to learn. such as our basic skills sentance structure and grammar. Smooth english writing is now a job for college teachers to take up which in turn, takes the place of important more advanced methods we need for later classes thus putting us deeper in a whole.
Stanley's main point is that we need to develop proper sentence structures from a young age in order to allow our selves to expand on larger ideas in college. his best example is learning the how to drop kick without a definition oh the game. If you don't know the structure of the game you are playing its hard to grasp the idea of a drop kick and how to use it.
Ooooo i like what he's selling!

I agree with stately fish I have found that we aren't anticipating our youths skills to age ratio. Starting them off easy with little pressure to read and write well isn't working. The educational system is letting us down. Starting out young we need to teach how to formulate close to perfect sentences but also we need to teach kids not to procrastinate. According to Joseph Ferrari 20 percent of people die in horror films just kidding 20 percent procrastinate. That may not seem like much however, this number stuck out to me because if we have 7 billion people on the planet. That means 1400000000 people procrastinate.
"He became president."
If students procrastinate their homework and after school lessons we miss out and let ourselves down. I believe self education can be preformed through books, I taught my self to create websites, fix a lap top, and even fix up cars all by reading. So who's to say  I can't read to obtain good sentence structure. "Everything I know, I know from reading."- Abraham Lincoln. I believe I know we can teach ourselves to write properly with all the resources today online, class books, and even trial and error. its not the teachers fault in total it every person that goes home and feels accomplished enough for the day that lets themselves down.

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