Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fish and Organization

In his article what should colleges teach, Stanley fish makes it very clear that our lower education did not do a great job of preparing us for college level writing. He questions whether or not middle school and high school are even teaching writing skills at all. Fish explains how he teaches his college students how to form simple sentences because a lot of them cannot do so. While i do agree that forming a simple sentence is important, i have to add that organization and structure is just as important. If not more. What is any type of writing if it is not organized properly? A huge mess.
is is what it is

The sad part is, very few people understand the importance of organization. Organizing your paper goes way beyond introduction, body paragraphs and conclusions. Organization not only helps a reader follow your points but it also reinforces your emphasis by moving from beginning to end or from least to most significant. Organization is important to all writing not just college writing. Organized writing helps with clarity, and there is nothing more important than clarity in any type of communication.

Organization is the structure or arrangement of related or connected items. When you organize a paper, you select an order for the parts that make sense and shows the reader how the ideas are connected. While exploring a topic you usually find a few ideas that belong together. Grouping your ideas helps you put them into your paper. Some writers start off really strong then start wandering away from the question that matters most. What happens is, the writer forgets what he/she is suppose to be talking about or has no idea what else to talk about. This doesn't happen when you completely organize your paper before hand:)

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