Thursday, April 28, 2016

GET HOOKED ON with fish the research


In the article " What should college teach" fish makes many claims BUUUTTTT! no arguments but besides arguments researching sources to support the argument. in my opinion I believe when going through college writing classes students should always be reminded and refreshed on research. WHYYYY? because being a student myself I know that I tend to question research and sources, and the reasoning behind this concept. this is when I question fish and what his claim is regarding what college should teach.
There are many things I found out with researching sources is that many don't ( Students) .
don't  tend to realize or understand why we have to use sources or even search for them at ALLLLL.
is actually what all students think me as well being an student myself that also relate to others. but this is until we all realize that credit and facts counts toward the researching when creating a paper. YESS ITS A BIG DEAL!

OH man now you tell me...
Researching allows us to not only gather information against a claim but even to be able to build off of it and agree. when conducting research myself I have personally learned that short handing my self with researching is not an great idea. when I say this I say I don't search for one source but many but to many to STRESSS myself. but enough to gather data and to pull out the important and correct information. one example of this is an article a used to support why research is important was through the evaluation. ( RESEARCHING )  ( RESEARCHING AND EVLUATION )

I mean if you really want to get technical if you properly research and pull information from it your teacher will evaluate it as rewording but to just cite that sources will not be so much of quoting. I mean when I think back on it to when conducting my observation on Sierra Hiss I did decide to incorporate her in a lot of my paper but my teacher didn't evaluate it on a information detailed bases. it was more of a personal interview which is what student fell to realize. that not only can research come from web pages books and so more. you can conduct personal research by just asking questions and being able to imply and show that they are reliable and creditable.

I mean I understand that most student don't want to take time out of there day to interview someone. but literally when you do this its a major key of help. Another one when conducting research would be having a secondary voice to back up your information that you have decided to use claims from. for example secondary voices I decided to use was from my survey ... from the web page survey monkey, with this you can create question and send them out to hundreds to get true and reliable information. to look in to this form of research this link will be provided. " Survey Monkey"
I know that many will read this blog and think this way is a bit much for me
but that's fine . because that's an opinion which are like leaves and are liable to fall any where on a scale of thinking lets say. this why I just try to explain ways i know and what i think and how I  decided to gather my data and how much people take in and how much people give when taking the steps I took. I mean secondary voices are great specially when they take out the time to write you or even answer question. even taking a survey or even letting someone sit in and watch what you teach and recommend.

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